This guide is about accessing Cognizant email from your personal laptop’s Outlook! Yes you do not need any special VPN privileges to configure your personal outlook for accessing Cognizant email. All you need is access to Cognizant OWA (Web Access to email). By default, all permanent employees of Cognizant have web access enabled as a default option except for the contractors.

This guide provides you with step by step instructions about configuring your outlook.

Step 1:

From the Control Panel, Select Mail. This will bring a dialog box as shown below:

Click on the ‘E-Mail Accounts’ button which will take you to the Account Settings screen.

Step 2:

In the Account Settings dialog that is displayed, select the ‘E-mail’ tab if it is not selected by default. Click on the ‘New’ button. This will take you to the new email account wizard.

Step 3:

In the ‘choose service’ dialog box, Choose ‘Email Account’ and click Next.








Step 4:

In the Add Account dialog box, select ‘Manual setup or additional server types’ and Click Next.









Step 5:

in the choose service dialog box, select ‘Microsoft Exchange Server or Compatible device’ and click Next.









Step 6:

In the server settings field, enter the following: ‘’. In the username field enter ‘cts\userid’ (e.g. cts\112233).

Do not click on’ check name’ button now! You will need to make additional configurations before that.








Click on ‘More Settings’ button.

Step 7:







In the General Tab, please provide any name for this Exchange account. For e.g. ‘CTS Mail Account’

Step 8:

In the Advanced tab, select both the options under ‘Cached Exchange Mode settings’











Select ‘Use Cached Exchange mode’ check-box
Also select ‘Download Shared Folders’ check-box

Step 9:

Navigate to the Security Tab.

Ensure that ‘Always prompt for logon credentials’ is selected.

Select ‘Password Authentication (NTLM)’ from the Logon Network Security drop down.












Step 10:

Enable ‘ Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP’ and click on the Exchange Proxy Settings button.









Step 11:

This is the major step. Make all configurations exactly as done in the below screenshot.

Set the URL field to:










Set the text box next to ‘connect to proxy servers having this principal name in their certificate:’ enter the following: msstd:*

Enable all check marks and Select ‘Basic Authentication’ in the proxy authentication settings.

Now Click OK and close all the dialog boxes and open your outlook.

Provide your Cognizant Credentials when requested and there you have, Access to Cognizant email right from your personal laptop’s outlook!

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